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Our agency has specialized in the implementation of websites with the CMS WordPress. We rely on the experience of more than 10 years with the development, the design, but also security aspects as well as an optimal findability at Google.

Basic information about WordPress

WordPress SEO

Of course, the creation of a website is very much about the presentation of an appealing and creative layout. Regardless of this, the SEO aspect, or in this particular case the one-page optimisation, is unfortunately too often forgotten during the conception and creation. Not every website, every CMS, every programming is necessarily optimally aligned with Google and hence ensures corresponding top rankings later on.

In principle, WordPress already offers an optimal basis for good one-page optimisation. Through the sensible extension with well-known SEO plugins, such as "Yoast SEO" or "wpSEO", which we use in our agency, we deliver every website in such a way that later top rankings in Google can also be achieved.

A big advantage that we as a WordPress Agency would like to mention, is our expertise in the area of online marketing and SEO. Due to years of experience with our agency SeoFoxx in this area, we create websites with a very special focus on this aspect. In addition to the conceptual creation of a website, a detailed SEO consultation is always part of the process.

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WordPress prices and costs

WordPress is one of the most frequently used CMS systems worldwide for the implementation of web projects. The basic WordPress software is always completely free of charge - it is so-called "WordPress". Open Source Software die ständig von Programmierern und Entwicklern auf der gesamten Welt weiterentwickelt wird.

This circumstance also leads to the fact that there are so many free and/or low-cost extensions, WordPress Plugins so-called WordPress plugins, for no other common CMS. These make it possible to realise a WordPress site with comparably little financial effort. But even complex solutions can be implemented far more cost-effectively with the help of such plugins. In the meantime, there are actually no more systems that do not offer the basis for special and complex requirements and thus serve as a perfect foundation.

The result is massive cost savings and in some cases far more professional solutions than if such projects had to be implemented from scratch.

Optimization for mobile devices

Optimisation for mobile devices has become an integral part of the development process of a website. In times where on average 50% and more calls are made via smartphones & tablets, a website must of course also adapt accordingly in terms of layout and presentation.

Keyword: Responsive Design - which in short means that the view adapts dynamically to the user's end device and that a website is displayed differently on a tablet than, for example, on a desktop PC or on a mobile phone.

Of course, WordPress also offers a perfect basis here. All websites created by our agency are 100% responsive and are displayed perfectly on all devices and resolutions. Our agency sometimes even goes one step further and creates special layouts, e.g. for viewing on a smartphone. In the end, the goal is to offer the perfect "experience" for the visitor of the website.

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WordPress for complex online stores ?

Many people wonder whether WordPress also offers the possibility to implement modern and functional online shop solutions.

It can be said quite clearly that WordPress also offers absolute top solutions in the area of e-commerce and the creation of complex online shops and is in no way inferior to typical providers such as Shopware or Prestashop. In fact, massive savings are possible here as well and an online shop can be created for as little as €2000. This is also made possible by the individual plug-ins and extensions.

WordPress can be expanded to a 100% functional e-commerce system with the "WooCommerce" extension and offers all the options needed to operate a modern online shop. Even complex solutions such as automated invoicing or connections to your merchandise management system are no problem at all and can be implemented without any problems.

WordPress Security

As a standard installation without extensions (plugins), special themes, etc., WordPress is quite a secure system. However, it is precisely through the appropriate use of these plugins and themes that WordPress becomes the extremely effective system that millions of website operators use.

The massive distribution of WordPress also makes it very interesting for potential attackers. For these reasons, it is imperative to take various security measures to be safe from such attacks.

Our agency does NOT hand over a website to a client without an appropriate security configuration and can therefore proudly claim that no client website has ever been "compromised". Over the years, we have tested appropriate extensions and configurations for ourselves and now use this experience to deliver our client projects securely.

Of course, there can be no 100% protection, especially when you are the target of a "special and personalised" attack, it is almost impossible to completely secure a system. However, this is usually not the case and our security configurations protect so perfectly against "standardised mass attacks".

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We had the platform Deutschland wird fit developed together by WP Agentur. The result is impressive and we were extremely surprised how professionally even complex tasks were implemented.

Tobias Gredel
Deutschland wird fit


We have been working with WP Agentur for several years and are extremely satisfied with the quality and, above all, the friendly communication. We would absolutely recommend them.

Adriano Pierobon
Humanis Pflege GmbH


The WP agency has implemented the website for our company presence competently and 100% satisfactorily. Things like responsive design or SEO aspects were also implemented in addition to the great design.

Michael Philipps
x clean24


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