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WordPress Performance Optimisation

Top loading times and better Google rankings


Your WordPress page loads too slowly? This has been proven to lead to a massive increase in the bounce rate! Our agency checks your WordPress installation and analyses it for performance problems. Often, an improvement of up to 90% can be achieved through minor interventions. We look forward to your request.

Complete analysis of
the website

We put your existing WordPress website through its paces to identify any performance issues.

Analysis &

We create a corresponding report and discuss with you the respective problems and possibilities for improvement.

Removing the

Elimination of existing problems that affect the loading time and noticeable improvement in the performance of your website.

Presentation of
the results

Transparent reporting with before and after tests using various pagespeed tools.

Welche Arbeiten führen wir für Sie durch ?

Through transparent reporting

Demonstrable improvement in loading times!


The performance of a website significantly affects the user experience for your customers! Long loading times increase the bounce rate and you will lose important customers. Furthermore, the loading speed of a website is one of the most important ranking factors for Google. Excessively long loading times inevitably lead to poorer rankings in the search results and thus to fewer visitors.

WordPress can quickly become a cumbersome construct due to incorrect operation and it is important to react accordingly. Through special tests, we identify performance problems and eliminate them. We present the results to you in a before-and-after test. As a rule, improvements of up to 90% are possible.

Talk to us!

The measures for optimising WordPress sites are extensive and of course vary from website to website. We work extremely cost-effectively here and agree the scope and measures with you. As a rule, we charge an average of €250 for performance optimisation.

Optimisation of graphics & images

gzip compression

HTML, JS & CSS Minification

Reducing database queries

Setting up caching

Plugin removal/replacement

Database clean-up

Deactivation of unnecessary WP functions

Setup Lazyload

DNS Prefetching

Adjusting scripts

Moving to a new server

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