Group 214


Installation and setup of WordPress on your URL, including implementation of AntiSpam, backup system, security configurations and performance optimisation.

170,00€ plus 19% VAT.

Group 192

WordPress Security Configuration

Auditing WordPress installations and securing websites against attacks, hacking and other attacks. You can find detailed information HERE.

150,00€ plus 19% VAT.

Group 213

WordPress Performance Optimisation

Checking the current performance of the website and creating the necessary to-dos. Performance optimisations of over 50% are often possible. Time and effort may vary.

ab 285,00€ plus 19% VAT.

Group 212


You take care of your business and we take care of your WordPress website. This includes updates, backups, security configuration, 24h monitoring, support & consulting, access to a large selection of premium plugins. Find out more here.

ab 39,90€ / Monat zzgl. 19% MwSt.

Group 193 (1)

Emergency Service

There is an emergency or urgent work that needs to be implemented on your WordPress site immediately? Use the "WordPress Emergency Service" of WP Agentur24 and get the best support as quickly as possible - even on weekends!
Find out more here.

23,75€ zzgl. 19% MwSt. (pro 15min)

Group 194

Company Website

Creation of a company homepage based on WordPress.  Scope of services: Up to 6 subpages, implementation (page builder), slider, contact form, Google Maps approach, blog/news function, responsive layout, security, anti-spam, backup system, SEO, performance optimised.

ab 1200,00€ plus 19% VAT.

Group 195

Company Website

Design of a company homepage using WordPress.

Scope of services: Up to 10 subpages, implementation (page builder), slider incl. creation of up to 3 different layouts, contact form, Google Maps approach, blog/news function, image gallery, social media, newsletter implementation, advanced design works up to 3 chargeable stock graphics, responsive layout (optimal display on all devices, incl. smartphones), security configuration, anti-spam, backup system, premium SEO extension, performance optimised.

ab 1800,00€ plus 19% VAT.

Group 197

Online Shop

Construction of an online shop system based on WordPress and using the e-commerce extension WooCommerce.

Implementation of up to 30 products. Additional products can be added for an additional charge or, of course, by the customer themselves. All the functions of a modern e-commerce system are implemented as required. You can find the exact possibilities and options under the following link: Online Shops with WordPress

Services such as the development of the business company page are also included here.

ab 3500,00€ plus 19% VAT.

Group 196

WordPress individual
Premium Website

This includes all services of the Business Company Page. Creation of up to 30 subpages. Creation of an individual CI design using Photoshop.
(up to 5 pages)

Creation of a logo (3 different designs). 100% customised design for the entire website.

In addition, complex developments such as dynamic enquiry forms or directory pages for real estate or vehicles are of course also possible. Talk to us. Can't be done - doesn't exist.

Price on request

Information about our prices

As we would like to communicate the prices for our work transparently for our customers, you will find various information on pricing below, as well as some examples of special services.
Regardless of the type of work performed, our hourly rate is €95.00 plus 19% VAT. We charge per 15 minutes or part thereof. The hourly rate can be reduced for particularly extensive work.
Please note that these are only guidelines to give you a basic feeling for the possible costs.

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