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Installation and setup
for WordPress

We are happy to support you with the installation of WordPress on your server and set it up according to your specifications.

Updates for

Particularly with larger websites, caution is advised when updating WordPress. It is better to leave this to the experts and sit back and relax.

WordPress website

You would like to move your WordPress site from one server or provider to another. We would be happy to carry out this work for you.

and questions

Whether in person at your premises or by telephone and Teamviewer. With us, no questions remain unanswered. This service is only available in Germany.

Help with errors and

Your WordPress site is causing problems? You can no longer log in or there are error messages. In many cases, such problems can be solved quickly and inexpensively.

Your website has
been hacked

The horror is great at first, but in many cases a website can still be saved and the data restored by taking the right measures.


To restore your website in an emergency, be it after your faulty update, hacking or other problems, an effective backup solution should be standard.


WordPress is a great CMS, but in its basic configuration it is unfortunately sometimes vulnerable to attacks and compromise attempts. We assure WordPress that you are protected against attacks.

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