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In its basic configuration, WordPress is unfortunately very vulnerable to attacks to compromise your site. With our special security service, we close all common security gaps and make your website more secure.

Welche Arbeiten führen wir für Sie durch ?

1. Check for insecure passwords of logged-in users on the WordPress installation.

2. Modification of header.php to close known security holes.

3. "Normal" users can no longer see that current updates for the WordPress installation are pending.

4. Admin user is removed (the username admin should not be used).

5. User ID 1, which is created by default, is removed.

6. The table prefix of the SQL database is changed.

7. Automatic backups.

8. Known and dangerous hosts are automatically blocked.

9. Login area is modified so that only 10 incorrect logins are allowed - protection against attempted brute force attacks.

10. WordPress admin area is invisible.

11. .htaccess is secured against attacks.

12. WordPress installation blocks automatic scans that look for security vulnerabilities.

13. You will be automatically informed when files in your installation have been modified.

14. Your WordPress installation no longer accepts "long URLs". Such URLs are typical for special attacks on the WordPress installation.

15. Your WordPress installation no longer allows modification by registered users (theme, plugins, files).

16. wpconfig and htaccess are no longer writable.

17. Setting up a firewall.

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