WP Agentur24

Building WordPress websites

Design | Development | Maintenance | Plugin Development


Customer discussion and
determining the requirements

We discuss the basic questions about your website with you. Design, functions, scope, etc. This forms the basis for our next steps.

Installation and setup
for WordPress

The CMS WordPress is the basis of your future website. All the necessary work is carried out by us here.

Design and

Based on your requirements, we create individual designs or adapt selected premium designs accordingly.

Setup and

The pages, structure and menus are created. All functions are integrated and set up as required.


Often you as a customer have special wishes and requirements. With WordPress - "can't be done...doesn't exist" Everything is possible and we carry out this work.

Search engine optimisation

What good is the best website if it is not found on Google? We are SEO experts and configure your website so that it is perfectly aligned with Google search.

Performance and

Each customer website is enhanced by us with various plugins to make it secure against attacks. Furthermore, we optimise the page so that loading times are reduced and performance is optimised.

Approval and

We are only satisfied when you are. Open points will be implemented by us. Furthermore, if desired, you will receive an introduction to the functions of WordPress.

We have caught your attention?

...then we look forward to your enquiry!